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What do I do once you have repaired my save?
Last Updated 4 years ago

Once I have repaired your save you can download it from my reply on the ticket.  In order to use it you first should delete the old copy of the save. Then just unzip the fixed one and place it back in the save directory.  The final structure should look like:

All the different files for that character should be in that in that character name folder. Make sure you do not create an extra folder when unzipping like this:

If you play ToME through Steam make sure you disable cloud saves before running the game. If you do not then it will likely copy the older, broken, one right back over the fixed one. You can disable cloud sav3es by right clicking on ToME in your Steam library, clicking properties, going to the Updates tab, then deselecting the check box next to "Enable Steam Cloud syncronization for Tales of Maj'Eyal".

Once you have run the game and loaded the fixed version of the save you can exit and re-enable cloud saves if you wish to.
I highly suggest you leave cloud saves disabled for ToME. As of ToME 1.3.0 cloud saves have been disabled by default due to save-ruining bugs some users have experienced. If you need this functionality for ToME you can achieve similar results with other services (Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive, etc).

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