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Error when creating ticket
Last Updated 4 years ago

There's an ongoing problem that I haven't been able to identify yet that prevents some people from creating a ticket. If you run into a "You don't have permission to access /ticket/scp/tickets.php on this server." then don't despair, you can still open a ticket!

Emailing will create a ticket. If you've created an account here on the site then it will recognize your email and use the correct username. If you haven't created an account on the site them make a note in the email of what your ToME username is so I can correct it.

When sending this email treat it exactly like you were making a ticket. Give it the proper subject, give me a description of the problem in the body, and send any needed files as attachments. Make sure to check the knowledgebase if you aren't sure what files to send or what format to have them be.

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