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How can I show my appreciation?
Last Updated 4 years ago

I've fixed your save, helped you out in some way, or you're just generally appreciative of my existence for reason. What do you do now?

Say "Thank you!"

I do this to help people and increase their enjoyment of ToME. I know how much it sucks when some bug wrecks your hard won progress. Actual feedback from people is great! Unfortunately not everyone can be bothered to do this; this makes stunt sad. Little things can make all the difference! If you feel like it, let DarkGod know you're happy with what I do.

I've been asked before if I'll take more substantial appreciation. I want to make it clear that I offer these services for free and in no way expect people to pay me to do it. I've been uncomfortable with the idea of taking tips; the best way to show appreciation for such a great game is to donate to DarkGod so he can continue making such wonderful things. However this does take up a significant portion of my time, and some amount of expense, so I'm not entirely opposed if someone does feel like supporting this cause directly.

If you love the game? Donate to DarkGod! Help him continue to do what he loves.

If for some daft reason you want to support what I do you can do so via PayPal:

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